Is the MagicWand® safe?

Yes, the MagicWand® is safe on your skin and does not harm your skin. It uses Photon Therapy with heat and vibration to massage your skin therapeutically with no harm being done. 

How often do i have to use the MagicWand® to see results?

We recommended users to apply the MagicWand® 15 minutes a day to see maximum results. 70% of users notice a difference in skin health after 5 days of consistent 15 minute use.  

What is Photon Therapy? 

For many years, scientists have studied how the sun's rays affect the skin. They focused their attention on ultraviolet A rays, or UVA; the sun's rays that age the skin, leading to wrinkles and discoloration. Since then, researchers have aimed to better understand how both visible light and LED light affect the skin. The MagicWand® uses Photon Therapy as well as three other different skincare technologies to help transform your skin. 


What if the MagicWand® doesn't work for me?

The MagicWand® is a revolutionary skin product that should work for most if not all users. If you find the MagicWand® is not giving you the results it has shown then please consider upping your time using the MagicWand® or contact info@themagicwandco.com to get help and tips from one of our experts. 


What is the return and refund policy?

Since the shipping times have increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are currently only accepting refunds for store credit. If you would like to exchange your item for store credit, please email info@themagicwandco.com 


Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes we do at no charge! Shipping is Free!