The MagicWand V2®

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The Beauty Device with  different LED light colors to uplift appearance and feel of skin

The MagicWand V2® Has 3 features to offer therapeutic treatment to your skin. Like the V1 it offers Vibration, Heat and LED although no EMS Stimulation. This is for a more compact on the Treatment for those focused on specific skin care. The V2 offers 5 colors each with unique purposes for the skin.
Features of the MagicWand V2®:
  • Vibration Massage
  • Heating Feature
  • Photon Light Therapy (Multi-LED)

Use the MagicWand V2® to focus on select characterists of your skin for therapy and care. Each color’s function is as follows:

  • Red: Shrinks pores for tighter skin to look younger
  • Blue: Reduces oil secretion to prevent future acne
  • Green: Neutralizes oily skin to balance out
  • Yellow: Prevents dry skin and wrinkles
  • Pink: Used to fight current acne, killing bacteria


How To:

1) Wash your face and pat dry to clean any excess oils or dirt. (Exfoliating or using the MagicWand V2® After a shower is recommended)

2) apply a light face lotion or moisturizing oil to the face for smoothness while using the MagicWand V2® 

3) Set your MagicWand® to the On position. It will automatically start with Vibration and LED light activated. Massage and apply light pressure to the face massaging in circles in select areas at a time (i.e. Cheek then Forehead, then under eye)

4) Always complete the MagicWand® Routine with the heated feature in the last 1-2 minutes. This will give your skin a relaxing release of tension and calm your faces skin and muscles. (If your face feels too hot at end of massage, apply a cool wet hand towel to the face to neutralize the temperature)


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